Transport in Humans

Pre-Lesson Preparation:

Dear all, 
please complete the following prior to our first lesson

1. read through pgs. 140 – 153 on “Transport in Humans” in Biology Matters Textbook prior to lesson. Attempt questions in Activity 2 (I will print and pass it to you on Tuesday)

Part A
  • Why is there a need for a transport system in humans?
  • What are the functions of the human transport system?
  • What makes up the human transport system?
  • State the components of blood
Part B
  • Fun facts about blood
2. Use the KWL chart and to fill out K and W parts of with what you already know and what you want to know about cardiovascular system

3. Create your own graphic organizers (eg. using MindNode, Popplet) throughout the whole unit

Activity 1 - 5min

  • Pre-diagnostic test - Google form sent to email
  • individual work 

Further readings on amputated limbs

Activity 3 - All about white blood cells 

In your groups answer the questions in your worksheet and present using Padlet for sharing. You may include diagrams/charts to help you. 

Suggested readings 

Activity 4: Blood types
  • attempt quiz individually and record your score

Activity 5: Blood groups and transfusion
  • explore the website provided and attempt questions in worksheet

Activity 6: Type s of blood circulation
Blood circulation:

Quiz 3:

Quiz 4:

Interesting facts
How is the muscular action of the heart different from skeletal muscles or smooth muscles in the alimentary system?

Flow of blood through the heart

Quiz 5:

Experiment 7.3: Dissection of mammalian Heart
Please view the video before the practical session.

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