Activity 1: Discover 11 surprising facts about the Endocrine System 
- please complete this before lesson
- please read up information in the given link


Activity 2:Endocrine Glands and their Hormonal Secretions
- please complete this before
- following the groupings below
- create a 1 page presentation using the Padlet link given
- we will do a virtually gallery walk in the first lesson on Week 4 

•       ovaries (Choon wei & Afif) http://padlet.com/wall/b9mat0h6i2nl
•       testes (Luke & Daniel) http://padlet.com/wall/6wulycmvr4tq
•       pituitary gland (Priya & Netraa) http://padlet.com/wall/xn46kk2vn027
•       thyroid gland (Ryan, Qadirah & Athiyah)http://padlet.com/wall/r68mjnljuh8o
•       thymus (Marcus, Liying & Achutha ) http://padlet.com/wall/p8ny4ut11c3t
•       pineal gland (Lois, Divya & Christopher) http://padlet.com/wall/ominmlti17db

Use the following questions as guidelines for your presentation:
•       What is/are the hormone(s) produced?
•       What are the effects of the hormone(s)?

Activity 3. More about diabetics 
- please following the groupings below. 2 groups work separately on 1 topic 
- create 4 min keynote presentation on the following
- you will present this during the 2nd lesson of Week 4

  • diabetes mellitus Type 1 (Choon wei & Afif, Priya & Netraa
  • diabetes mellitus Type 2 (Luke & DanielRyan, Qadirah & Athiyah)
  • diabetes insipidus (Lois, Divya & ChristopherMarcus, Liying & Achutha)

Activity 4: 
- please complete this at home
Watch this video to understand how the signs and symptoms are brought about:

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