Activity 1

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  1. What did we do ?

    ~ My fitness pal app to find out the amount of energy we need personally
    ~Went through slides on Nutrients

    Notes that i have taken down. Sorry it might not be much.

    Nutrients that we would be covering :

    Why do we eat ?
    ~ We eat because the food provides us with energy for vital activities including cellular activities
    ~To replace worn out and damaged tissues
    ~Stay fit and healthy

    What is calories ?

    Its a unit or expression of energy

    Carbohydrate: CnH2mOm ( chemical term)

    Monosaccharides: simple sugar e.g Glucose

    Disaccharides: 2 sugar molecules: E.g Sucrose and lactose

    Polysaccharides: complex sugars: E.g Starch, cellulose, glycogen